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Many clinicians believe a DRY heal ( Do nothing, let the body heal itself as using a aftercare that wets the artwork can cause the pigment to lift, and have less retention )
That is why we developed and patented a DRY Heal. The serum puts a DRY breathable antibacterial coating over the artwork, and greatly speeds healing.
Patented dry heal serum.
The serum has low surface tension so the skin quickly absorbs the nutrients leaving a fine dry anti-bacterial coating
* Will not block the skins pores
* Reduces Itching and Irritation
* Reduced redness
* Locks in pigments
* Halves the clients usual healing time
* Mild Anaesthetic
* Anti fungal
* Anti microbial
* Moisturises
* Hydrates
* Cools
* Locks in moisture
* Anti oxidant
* Accelerates healing
* Balances the skins natural Ph
Apply a thin layer of serum over the treated area, allow the serum to penetrate the skin. Do not massage in. Apply twice daily. Or as advised by your clinician.


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15 reviews for SPMU 15ml

  1. Lesley Spencer

    Since I first came across SPMU Dry Heal Serum I have given it to all my clients as a after care product to take home.They have been glowing in their praise for this product, how it relieves Itching, moisturises without residue,and the minute quantities needed. As a technician, I have noted good healing and excellent pigment retention. I also offer PRP blood facials, micro needling and advanced surgical plasma treatments, and SPMU Dry Heal Serum has proven to be most beneficial across the board. We love it. Chaelis Clinic Lowick

  2. Sally Mead

    I purchased a case of your new SPMU aftercare 3 weeks ago.
    The feed back from clients has been 100% positive.
    Upon application clients comment on how cooling and soothing it is.
    A big plus is the serum leaves a dry coating Not a gooey mess.
    You have moved aftercare to a new level.

  3. Sasha Price ‘Bare.’

    I have been using this serum on all my clients and it has made a huge difference in the healing process, it glides onto the skin and doesn’t have the greasy top coat. It definitely makes life easier for the clients and is great for pigment and stroke retention. Absolutely amazing product that I insist my clients use.
    Thanks so much team x
    B.bare studio


    The Tattoo studio I work at use your Tattoo and Laser aftercare with great results. When I seen you had launched a Microblading aftercare I had to try it out.
    I have only been stocking it 2 weeks and the feed back is 100% positive from my clients.
    Another great product from you guys.


    Just what the Industry wanted.
    A aftercare designed for Microblading. No mess,no discomfort during the healing process that is greatly reduced with the serum.
    Great value.


    This product is absolutely amazing. I was sold the serum when I had some microblading work done and Wow !! The DRY heal gave a very quick and fantastic heal. I now recommend it to all of my clients for SPMU / PMU and Scalp pigmentation. My customers have all given very positive feed back on it. Amazing. Natural Strokes Newcastle under Lyme


    I had been recommending A and D ointment for aftercare, until a friend suggested your SPMU serum.
    The healing and colour retention is impressive.
    I wont be going back to A and D ointment my customers will be given your serum as I want the best results from my work. Great product.

  8. Brodie

    I am a Director at The Browshop Australias largest distributor of Microblading supplies

    We starting selling the serum 12 months ago
    We initially sent out a sample to a number of SPMU clinics in Australia and New Zealand
    The feed back was 100% positive and a very high percentage order rate.
    Sales are very strong and growing fast
    "We can’t get enough of it"
    All clinics should stock it


    Amazing aftercare
    We have now listed it on our Microbeau / FKIRONS websites and will be recommending and supplying studios throughout the USA

  10. Microblade Supplies

    We have been selling cases of this amazing aftercare for two years
    Studio feed back is 100% positive
    The best aftercare on the market for this procedure by far

  11. Microblading Emporium

    Great product
    What the industry needed
    DRY heal
    No loss of pigmentation
    Case sales growing month on month

  12. Ecuri Denmark

    My clinicians say the feed back from clients is amazing
    Instantly cools the skin, quick heal with no itch
    We give it to all our clients as we want the best heal

  13. Semaco Sun

    We love your serum
    Just what the industry needed a dry heal
    Congratulations on such a great product
    We distribute the balms across Europe and Russia from our HQ in Germany

  14. The Beauty Group (Target)

    We are one of Europes biggest distributors of aftercares based in Lithuania.
    We stock all of your products for Tattoo / Laser / Microblading and your new SMP cream.
    Our stockists all give great feed back and report great heals.
    Thank you

  15. Darklab

    We are getting great feed back from our stockists for your SPMU aftercare, they like the Dry heal – Thank you .Zeke Sales Director

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